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Kilimanjaro climbing - Lemosho Route 7 days Itinerary

Lemosho Route 7 Days Group Joining Itinerary

7 Days 6 Nights
Featuring captivating scenic vistas
Pristine wildlife
Excellent acclimatization opportunities and low traffic of climbers
Lemosho route is one among Pamoja Kilimanjaro & Safaris favorite route for reaching the roof of Africa.
Pamoja Kilimanjaro & Safari team will make sure your dream become reality

Group size: 12 People Space Left: Departure date: Every Friday Lemosho route is our preference  due to its beauty, remoteness and high success rate due to the fact that it provides enough acclimatization on the way, thus maximizes the chances that a climber will reach the summit, and enjoy the experience overall. The Lemosho route can be done in as little as six days (five nights) and in as longer as eight days (seven nights) on the mountain. Request Quote
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Lemosho Route 7 Days Group Joining Itinerary

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